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Most Secure Payments System


Development of API that can link our blockchain code to various systems.

Bank of India api

For smooth link between the api provided by the Bank of India, the blockchain and wallet.

Good Pay Global Wallet

API of Blockchain and Indian bank integrated, It works well to wallet users.

Foreign users in India

This service is for foreigners residing or traveling in India with a wallet.

Good Pay Merchant

Easily download the app by merchants with a simple contract.

Global Merchant Wallet

An exclusive wallet for merchants/ vendors who wants to expand customers.

Blockchain-based Global Escrow Payment Service Simple Pay / Simple Process

When traveling overseas, the existing card system or currency exchange system has a fee and currency exchange fee for third countries such as India. Because it costs a lot, we lower transaction fees and exchange fees through blockchain-based P2P apps. Also issued by third countries By issuing a check card to reduce unnecessary exchange through international card payment, card fees are ultimately reduced to travelers, It is a solution designed to maximize the expenses and convenience of business travelers. Unlike other P2P, forgery and alteration are impossible. Blocks in terms of being able to view all transaction history and trust the transaction history by using the blockchain technology.The chain acts as an escrow service.

Since all transactions are disclosed in detail on the blockchain node (self-developed blockchain explorer) Efficient standing for business travelers who frequently travel abroad or foreigners living in other countries by taking advantage of the impossible forgery and alteration It is a service, and it can also be a useful service for those who do not have an account. This can be a fintech tool that can conveniently and easily reach the strengths of the blockchain to developing countries or people with financial difficulties.

The advantage of blockchain is that it cannot be forged and is transparent. The only field that can utilize this properly is the financial field.But it can also be extended to the utility sector. First of all, financial infrastructure is not properly laid in developing countries. Expanding the service based on lock chain can make it more transparent, innovative, and cost saving. This can revolutionize the unnecessary cost and time of financial services for Korea, a relatively infrequent trading partner outside the United States.

What we do, We do best.

The primary goal for Good Pay Global is to build a blockchain-based payment solution with Korea and India, but the ultimate goal is to specialize in small business based on blockchain solutions.

There are two parts to be solved for this.

The first is the technical parts

In the technical part, GoodPay Global operates by using its own private blockchain code, and discloses the status of GoodPay Explorer and Blockchain in order to disclose the distributed ledger.

The second is the legal part

In partnership with India's Fintech company (Goldenpay), we provide an account service that can be used by foreigners without an account by utilizing the RBI PPI LICENSE owned by the company. There is no complicated process that foreigners residing in India should have, and the app can exchange tokens and rupees with KYC authentication only. The tokens can also be used across India in exchange for physical check cards available in India (called Debit Cards in India).

Our Approach Blockchain. Payment. Service.







Trading Process Good Pay Global Token (GPGR)

Korean Customer GPGR Purchase.

Korean customers can purchase GPGR from the Good Pay Global app. When you purchase the token, GoodPay Global will send the token, which is an escrow concept token that can be exchanged for cards and cash available in India. For example, if you say that you want to purchase GPGR tokens for 1,000,000 won, deposit the funds into India. It takes about 1 ~ 2 days to deposit, and upon deposit, tokens will be issued to the wallet as much as the corresponding funds. For example, if the KRW 1 million is Rs 61,278.4, the amount that is actually deposited into the Indian bank is the bank account, wire transfer (Swift code cost), and the amount of money that was deducted at the time. The funds are converted into tokens and deposited into the wallet. When transferred as a token, all histories that occurred in the process are recorded on the blockchain node.

Token use.

The tokens paid can be purchased at e-commerce (viralpresent.com) .The purchase history is also recorded on the blockchain node.

Token exchange.

Tokens can be exchanged for cards that can be used across India through the partner Gold N Pay upon arrival in India. Alternatively, it can be used as a digital rupee that allows direct payment at affiliated stores. (Customers can also request and use QD cards for cold wallets, not debit cards.) All these transactions will be recorded in the leisure as blockchain data.

* This project uses a private blockchain mining network that has been independently built, and real-time payment is possible.

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Danny Kim CEO
Bum soo Kim Strategy
Yeon Woo Lee Chief Marketing
Saravana Chief Developer
Sun Yu U.I Designer
Gulshana Ezak Designer
Priyanka Project Manager
Athira Programmer

Good PayGoal.

The primary goal is to build a blockchain-based payment solution with Korea and India, but the ultimate goal is to specialize in small business based on blockchain solutions.In the face of the financial upheaval, the old currency concept and asset concept are changing, and most SMEs and small business owners are forced to respond passively to these changes.

However, based on our blockchain technology, we are providing a solution that combines business and finance by providing a blockchain solution that small and medium-sized businesses and small businesses can actively respond to. As a result, it is about helping capital to actively respond to the market by raising capital in various ways during the upcoming financial upheaval and flexibly using assets.

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